Michigan, one of the 50 states that are part of the North American country, has large renowned law firms that give it a high value in the legal field of the state, in addition to having one of the universities with a nationally recognized law school.

Taking this into account, one of the most outstanding law firms in this state is the Mike Morse Law Firm, which is proud to be one of the largest firms in Michigan, with more than 150 employees and with a high record of clients and successful cases.

About one of the largest law firm in the state of Michigan

Founded in 1995, the Mike Morse law firm is named after its founder Mike Morse, whose desire was always to create his own law firm and be able to be of great legal help to anyone who needed it, with a resume from author of a #1 bestselling book on Amazon, participating in charity work, a podcast where he gives tips on legal help, all this is part of the professionalism of the founding head of this great law firm.

A law firm that has managed to expand with approximately 150 employees today, with renowned lawyers, who have made clear their professionalism and success in all areas in which this great firm handles, thus leaving more than 2000 cases resolved since its creation as a history of its triumph in the state.

The types of cases that are commissioned

Like any law firm, the Mike Morse Law Firm covers the most typical cases of any state, but adding more areas for the luck of having a large list of lawyers who specialize in many of them, the cases that are covered in this signature:

  • Car, truck, motorcycle, boat, bicycle or bus accidents
  • Animal bite wounds
  • Problems with insurance companies
  • Home accidents causing head injuries
  • Problems in the birth process of a child
  • In relation to drug or alcohol problems
  • Wrongful dead
  • Negligence in the areas of medicine or nursing
  • Accident due to some kind of distraction
  • Hit and run accident

Importance of opting for legal representation

When we find ourselves victims of some type of accident that has been due to some type of negligence, one of the options that have always been recommended is to opt for legal representation, to help us resolve these cases and obtain the benefit of a compensation to recover from the injuries caused in this same in addition to obtaining the justice deserved, something that the great law firm Mike Morse, has taken into account and therefore they ensure the good of all their clients, hence their great success and incredible expansion throughout the state.