Bitcoin mixers are Internet resources with which a user can make an anonymous transaction in the Bitcoin network. It is impossible to trace a transaction made through a mixer, even though it is recorded in the general ledger of the blockchain. Check and click for more detailed information right now!

Is it possible to rewrite transaction history?

In the cryptocurrency world, to prevent double use of the same bitcoins, all transactions are broadcast to other participants, and then they are grouped into blocks that are added to the blockchain chain, which are linked not only by number but also by saving in the current block the hash of the previous block.

This process makes it impossible to rewrite transaction history without having more computing power than the combined power of the rest of the Bitcoin network. The inclusion of a transaction in a block is considered its “confirmation”. After that, another transaction with the same bitcoins will be considered erroneous, will not be included in the next block, and will not receive its “confirmation”.

The best way to keep your payments private

However, even if you’re not a criminal and don’t use cryptocurrency for nefarious purposes, you probably want to keep your payments private. This is helped by mixers, special sites that break the transfer into many parts and mix these parts with the coins of other users.

The principle of operation of the CryptoMixer is that, after being forwarded from the sender to the recipient, the cryptocurrency does not go directly to the addressee’s account. Firstly, Bitcoin is transferred to the general wallet of such a cryptomixer tumbler, and only after it has already been mixed with the funds of other users the cryptocurrency reaches the recipient.